“The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.” - Oscar Wilde

Dennis Stewart

Nature and Animal Photography

Dennis Stewart

When you live in places where urban sprawl abounds all around, immersing yourself into nature can be a daunting challenge to say the least. As a kid growing up in the inner city, I can vividly remember spending hours upon end exploring my backyard with the same excitement, curiosity and wonderment as Lewis and Clark must have had traversing the great western expanses of the United States in the early 19th century.

My backyard was my refuge; it was a place where I found solace and discovered all of the tiny miracles of nature set before me. It introduced to me to life, death and the rebirth of which emerges as winter gives way to spring each year. I can honestly say that my infatuation toward nature started at a very early age, and has never once abated over the many years and distances I have since traveled.

Nature is all around us. It resides in our very backyard; it resides across the street in the park where your kids play; it resides downtown where years ago they planted mighty Sycamore trees, now fully grown and adorned with countless sparrows raising their newborn hatchlings.

Traveling along a congested highway, I will not hesitate to pull over to get a shot of a red-tailed hawk posed stolidly atop a fence post, seemingly out of place, but amazingly adjusted to the surroundings to which he now dwells. The interminable patience of a praying mantis awaiting his next quarry still captivates me as much today as it did so many years ago, and I suspect it always will.

To some, I may seem odd and out of place in relation to this apparent new world order we live in today, hence I readily admit to the fact of one being from another era. A long-ago time where men were men and readily went out into the abyss fraught only with the exhilaration of what new discoveries they would encounter on their never ending journeys. Yes, I am one who walks along a different path……but would have it no other way. 

Oh, the places I've gone!

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