“The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.” - Oscar Wilde

Dennis Stewart

Nature and Wildlife Photography


Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine

April 2017

Very proud to announce another amazing wildlife image of mine has been published in the April 2017 issue of Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine ( Look for a cool Giant Darner Dragonfly Macro image on the "Contents Page"  and you will have found me:) This will make my 2nd month in a row to be published within this awesome Texas magazine.

April 2017

Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine

March 2017

Very proud to announce another amazing wildlife image of mine has been published in the March 2017 issue of Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine (

A cool two-page spread highlights this unique image taken of a Red-headed Vulture I took in 2013.

March 2017

Book Cover Scholastic

Monster Survival Guide

I am so very pleased to announce that one of my signature wildlife images will be prominently displayed as the "Cover Image" for a children's book titled 'Monster Survival Guide".

This will be my first official book cover publication, and I am so very pleased.



Photographer BCI

I have officially accepted the opportunity to be a “Contributing Photographer” for this great organization in hopes that we can work together on a few more special projects in 2016 and beyond that bring attention to the conservation efforts that are needed to protect Bats species across the world over. 


Trinity Water Fowls

Public Arts Project

Six bridge monuments feature mosaics of twelve different species of water bird from the greater Trinity River Watershed were completed in the fall of 2015. Each mosaic on these monuments is over eight feet tall and five and a half feet wide, and made from of a combination of glass and natural stone tiles.

The design of the bridge monuments is inspired from the Will Rogers Memorial, built in 1936 in the Art Deco style. Referencing the similar movements of humans and water, the mosaics are visible both to pedestrians in Trinity Park, and motorists on the parkway. To inspire the designs, Sato issued a call for photographs of wildlife native to the Trinity River Watershed by North Texas photographers.

Two of my images were selected, and will now stand eternal for all to see as they pass through north Texas.


Texas Parks

& Wildlife Magazine

I am very proud to announce that one of my more obscure nature images (Pitcher Plant) is currently published within the December issue of Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine. I am now officially a contributing freelance photographer for the magazine.


Fort Worth Weekly 

I am very proud to announce that one of my favorite frog  images  is currently published within the summer addition of the Fort Worth Weekly. This article highlights a cool public arts project that I am currently  involved in. 


10th Place Photo Contest

I am very proud to announce a 10th place finish for the international Michael the Maven 2012 Photography Contest in the category of "Animals". Not as good as I had hoped, but considering the thousands upon thousands of entries, I am pleased overall.


IFC Movie Poster and

Merchandise Branding

I am extremely proud that one of my signature images will be branded  on the cover of a upcoming movie poster by IFC Films. This image was first recognized via National Geographic, and has since been seen by millions of people globally. 


Hold On 22" Raptor Saw

Product Branding

I am very proud to announce that one of my signature wildlife images will be incorporated into the product brand design of a cool 22" saw being produced by the "Hold On" company out of the UK. I never anticipated one of my images being published in this manner, but I nevertheless am extremely excited to see this happen. 


Minnesota Zoo Exhibit

I am extremely proud to announce that one of my signature reptile images of a  "Dwarf Crocodile" will be prominently displayed within a new educational exhibit at the Minnesota Zoo called "Tropics Trail".

Upon being approached by the zoo staff,  and learning more about this special project, I elected to donate it to them. So if you are ever visiting the Minnesota Zoo, look for my name somewhere in the exhibit.


Nature's Best Photography

Pic of the Week

A great honor to have one of my American Green Tree Frog images selected by the folks at NBP as the picture of the week. I stumbled upon him as I was hiking a local trail here in north Texas. The lighting was exceptional and the subject very patient:)


National Geographic Online Banner

In 2009 I entered the National Geographic International Contest submitting my now iconic image titled "Eye of the Gharial". Although it did not win the contest it was prominently displayed on the Nat Geo website as the Banner image for a short period. Since this time, this image has received many accolades, has been published worldwide with has been viewed by millions of people.


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